Monthly Archives: July 2012


I love Bollywood!

This clip is from a Bollywood movie about Bollywood movies and it features guest appearances by the most famous Bollywood stars right now.


If there was a music Olympics these guys would win a medal

Saw a promo for the Olympics, they were using London Calling as background music. I am a huge Clash fan so here is one of my favorite Clash songs (another one of those groups that don’t really have any songs that I don’t like).


From my teenage years…

One of the best ELO songs, and they are all so good it is hard to choose.


Another favorite (and very corny) movie

Youtube is so amazing. I am finding all kinds of gems, like this trailer for one of my very favorite musical movies, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band featuring a whole slew of famous people but most prominently the Bee Gees. Those golden voices singing the best Beatles songs; what could be better?

Other famous people in the movie: Peter Frampton, George Burns, Aerosmith, Steve Martin, Eart Wind and Fire (love them), Alice Cooper, Pete Townsend, Alice Cooper, Sandy Farina and Billy Preston. And many more I’m sure.


Bryan Ferry

I used to like Bryan Ferry so much. He is kind of a reactionary old dude now though. Music still holds up though.

Iced Teani

A refreshing drink for summer

1 oz black tea
2 oz peach vodka (infuse vodka with sliced, fresh peaches)
1 squeeze agave syrup

Shake and pour over ice in martini glass.

So easy, so tasty.

Peachy Keen Cocktail

Muddle two slices of fresh peach in a cocktail shaker. Add ice. Add:

1 oz peach vodka (infuse vodka with fresh peaches)
1 oz rum (white or gold)
1/2 oz triple sec
2 oz orange juice

Shake and pour in pretty glass over ice, decorate with peach slices and/or mint leaves.