Monthly Archives: August 2012

My heroes


David Brooks and Mark Shields are my heroes and now we get to see them every day because of the Republican convention and following that the Democrat convention. Yay conventions!


Super smooth song

Ginger-Lingonberry Martini

This is my new favorite drink; so simple and so tasty.

2 oz ginger-infused vodka (fresh ginger in vodka for at least a week)

1 oz lingonberry juice conc. (buy at IKEA) Would probably work with cranberry or pomegranate syrup, Monin is a good brand.

Shake and pour over ice into martini glass. I will add some fresh basil or mint next time, tarragon would work too.


I miss the beach!


More dance routines


Anane and Mr Vegas

I can do this routine too! Attempted to show family members and was told to leave! Guess nobody appreciates my art.


Juan Magan

Sorry it’s not a real video but I feel the need to spread a little Magan today.