Chicken Ciabatta

You will need:

Ciabatta bread, 1 pkg frozen spinach (1 lb), 2 chicken breasts, garlic, oil, grated cheese.

I am cleaning out the freezer and created a meal using stuff I had on hand.

Take a loaf of semi-stale ciabatta bread and slice, use 2-3 slices per person. Brush with olive oil and spread some garlic on top of it, pressed or chopped.

In a pan thaw  spinach on low heat and make sure all the water is gone. I added some garlic and salt and pepper to the spinach.

Spread spinach on top of bread slices. (Variation: add sun-dried tomatoes if you like them).  Sprinkle grated cheese on each slice, I used sharp cheddar and jack, use what you have in the house. Top with thin slices of grilled chicken. You can buy it ready-made, a whole grilled chicken or just grill chicken breasts and slice them up. I marinated the  chicken breast briefly in oil and balsamic vinegar, then sesoned with garlic/herb mix. I used two chicken breasts for seven slices of bread.

Last, sprinkle grated parmesan on top and broil on the lower setting in the oven. The bread turned nice and crispy. The family really liked it. We had a simple chick pea salad with it (chick peas with salsa and lime).


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