Monthly Archives: September 2012


Mint Condition still bringing it!

OMG this song is so good, autotune rocks. It’s almost up to Blackstreet standard. I’m obsessed with it.


The Cave

I love it when a song and a video come together in such a perfect union.



I was looking for the real Kirk Franklin video and happened upon this awesomely cute version. Enjoy!


Mary Mary song

Sorry no video but this is another favorite song for me. My blog is a place where I collect my favorite music.


Rahsaan Patterson

I was looking for the video for Where You Are but can’t open it with the ipad. Oh the disappointment of technology. It happens a lot. But this is a good song too.

Limonita (a twist on the Margarita)

1 1/2 oz tequila

1/2 oz Patron Citronge (or any type of orange liqueur)

A small glugg of Limoncello (or a dash if you will)

Juice of one lemon

Shake and pour over ice. If you find it too sour (I personally love sour), add a squeeze of agave syrup or simple syrup.


Tightrope Janelle Monae

Love the video! And of course the song….